Quality Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks five sizes from 750 gallons to 3200 gallons

Quality Stainless Tanks

Custom Designed and Ready-Made Tanks for Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Special Applications

Made in USAQuality Stainless Tanks can help you design new tanks for the perfect fit, or you may purchase from our selection of “ready to ship” stock tanks to quickly solve capacity needs. We hand craft everything we make in Northern California's wine country.

QST can provide you with open top fermenters, enclosed top combination fermentation and storage tanks, variable capacity floating lid tanks, versatile removable top tanks, storage and bottling tanks, mixing and blending tanks, portable tanks, cooling and heating panels and specialty tanks of all shapes and sizes. Get the perfect sized tanks with everything you want for efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Call us today for a fast, free and competitive price quotation.

Wine industry’s largest line of in-stock fermentation / storage tanks. Call us when you need a stainless steel tank fast.

Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks By Quality Stainless Santa Rosa CA

Custom Wine Tanks

300 - 40,000 gals.

Choose the style, size, capacity and features for your tanks to get exactly what you need for the process you will utilize.

Ready To Ship Stainless Steel Wine Tanks By Quality Stainless Santa Rosa CA

Ready To Ship

500 - 13,000 gals.

Quick and easy solutions to ferm /storage needs. Vessels include all the usual features and come in all the popular sizes.

Variable Capacity Stainless Steel Wine Tanks By Quality Stainless Santa Rosa CA

Special Applications

Brewing, Distillery, Food, Beverage

Kombucha, cider, cooking oil, water storage, biofuels, more. From 300 gallons to 40,000 gallons.

Quality Stainless at Chateau Montelena

Intelligent Design

Performance, Cost-Efficiency

Custom sizing, industrial or showcase appearances. “Everything you need and nothing you don't.”