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Custom built tanks for all your production requirements

Custom Wine Tanks

Nearly all of Quality Stainless tanks are fabricated to customer specifications, and most are wine tanks. This traditional process provides you with precisely the vessel that yields custom performance. We work with you to make sure your custom tank is designed to meet all your production requirements and is cost-efficient.

These custom tanks show a range of sizes and 100% stainless stands, rectangular bottom doors and a variety of cooling jacketing coverage. Many custom tanks cost less than ready-made wine tanks because unnecessary features are eliminated through careful planning. We can create a vessel for a specific space or for a specific task, with client selected attributes. Each winemaker has a unique approach that we can address with custom designs.

There are many ways to customize wine tanks for your vineyard, process or favored varietal. Innovators choose Quality Stainless Tanks for our exacting process and experienced customer service. Some choices:

  • Tops: open, truncated, closed, articulated, shallow cone, various positions
  • Bottoms: flat sloped, cone, dished
  • Sidewalls: standard, polished, insulated & clad
  • Cooling jackets: dimple or channel style
  • Manways: round, oval, rectangular
  • Fittings: all common types and sizes
  • Varietal-specific designs
  • Process-specific designs
  • Thermwell packages and design assistance
  • Custom tank stands and bases
  • Juice screen, racking arms, custom connectors

Custom Stainless Wine Tanks
Custom wine cellar design for showcase wineries.

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