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Portable Tanks - Custom and Ready-Made

Portable Wine Tanks

These three stock portable tanks make it easy for product to be transported. Our economical portable storage tank is pictured on the far left. The middle one is fully jacketed with racking port and sample port. The one on the right is our most popular portable model with both fermentation and storage capabilities. Customers say it can do everything required within the modern wine cellar.

Portable tanks offer most of the same features and components as our larger tanks with greater flexibility over a multitude of potential applications. They can be designed for use with fork-lifts or pallet jack style movers. The capacity of the tanks can be adjusted from 200 to 1,000 gallons. Call today to find out more!

Open Top Fermenters - Open Top Mixing & Process Tanks

Open Top Wine Fermenter Ready Made

Removable Top Custom Stainless Wine TankQuality Stainless Tanks makes open top fermentation tanks in two "in-stock" sizes, as pictured on left, in 1200 and 1500 gallon capacities.

QST can also custom fabricate open top tanks from 500 to 10,000 gallon capacity or produce variable capacity tanks with floating lids or removable truncated tops to be used in conjuntion with open-top tanks. A custom fabricated open top fermenter including separate heating and cooling jackets and 100% stainless stand is pictured at right.

QST can design process tanks to increase productivity through intelligent ergonomics such as sanitary bi-fold easy access tops. Other features available include angled mixer ports, mixer bridges, conical tank bottoms and heavy-duty caster wheels.

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