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Water Tanks, Brew Tanks, Distillation Tanks, Food Processing

Custom Stainless Wine Tank Sanitary Stainless Wine Tank

Quality Stainless Tanks has over 30 years experience in fabricating custom tanks to fill the requirements of many industries.

Different kinds of products require different kinds of stainless steel. Brew tanks for beer (left) and cider (below) have a specific range of requirements as do other industries. Other products require special stainless material to tolerate acids or extreme temperatures. The sanitary portable mixing tank for food and beverages (right) has a split fold top to facilitate adding ingredients and blending.

For the food and poultry processing industry, we have created large storage tanks that operate smoothly with smaller tanks that are used frequently during the day for food service. We also offer stainless accessories and equipment to work with your Quality custom tank.

Custom tanks for every application

  • Biofuel distillation proces: corn, switchgrass
  • Distilled spirits: vodka, absinthe
  • Microbrewery brew tanks: beer, cider
  • Oil storage tanks: olive, soybean, cooking
  • Food industry process tanks
  • High or low pH tanks with 316 stainless
  • Water storage tanks for ranches and homes
  • Transport tanks and tubs
  • Pharmaceutical: blending, mixing, processing and storage vessels

stainless steel custom tanks
These custom cider process tanks for fermentation, carbonation, filtration, storage and serving range from 1200 gallons to 6,000 gallons.

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