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Intelligent Wine Tank Design

Nearly all of Quality Stainless tanks are fabricated to customer specifications, and most of the tanks we build are wine tanks. This traditional process provides you with precisely the vessel that yields custom performance. We work with you to make sure your custom tank is designed to meet all your production requirements and is cost-efficient. Many custom tanks cost less than ready-made wine tanks because unnecessary features are eliminated through careful planning.

QST can provide you with open top fermenters, enclosed top combination fermentation and storage tanks, variable capacity floating lid tanks, versatile removable top tanks, storage & bottling tanks, mixing & blending tanks, portable tanks, cooling and heating panels and specialty tanks of all shapes and sizes. Get the perfect sized tanks with everything you want for efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Ninety percent of the tanks we make are custom and 80% are for wine. Call us today for a fast, free and competitive price quotation.

We will assist you in designing the perfect tanks for your process from 500 gallons to 30,000 gallons capacity.

Design Help for Custom Tanks

  • Knowledgeable design guidance
  • Performance guarantees
  • Custom designs & features
  • Quick & competitive pricing
  • Ergonomic and modern features
  • Showcase cellar designs
  • Economic production solutions
  • Special application tanks
  • Cellar space optimization with layout design
  • Friendly customer service

Quality Stainless Wine Tanks
Artful illumination of stainless steel wine tanks. Available ready-made, or customized to your exact needs, often at lower cost. Please give us a call!

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