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In-Stock Wine Fermentation and Storage Tanks

In-Stock Wine TanksQuality Stainless Tanks has wine fermentation and storage "In-Stock Tanks" in nine popular sizes available for immediate shipment.

We stock tanks from 500 to 10,000 gallon capacities, offering a range of quick solutions for wineries that need fermentation and storage tanks immediately. While we carry a wide range of stock tanks, most of our customers order custom tanks to meet their specific needs. We can help you solve storage or fermentation needs in a hurry.

These crucial tank features are standard on our combination fermentation/storage tanks:

  • Truncated cone top, front orientation
  • Flat, sloping tank floor
  • Sidewalls with ample cooling jackets
  • Top door 18" round with 2" tri-clover vent port in top door plate
  • 2" tri-clover racking port, 3 " tri-clover drain port well type
  • Oval racking door 16 x 20, in/out swing
  • Round 18" bottom cleanout door
  • Therm package with 2 thermwells, sample port, temp hood/stat mount
  • Lifting lugs, anchor clips, 32" high detatchable mild steel base with adjustable stainless footpads on the legs, recessed front for better access, primer painted

Please call today or to check stock for the size that's best for you.

Wine Fermenter Storage Stainless Tank

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